New Wedding Photo Ad

This is the ad that I came up with today to start advertising my wedding/engagement photography. These are some photos that I have taken at a couple of weddings that I have been in attendance too. I really hope that something comes up because of this ad and maybe I can start making enough money to live off my creative passion. Only time will tell I guess… Here’s to Hoping!!!! ❤

Blue Swirl Painting


This is my most recent painting, I call it blue swirl.  Above show the two different views that I have gotten mixed reviews on. I don’t think I personally have a preference on which way you hang it, I guess it would depend on the space in which it was to be hung. Thoughts??

I usually like to write what I was feeling or thinking about when I paint the particular painting but I don’t have too many deep thoughts about this one. These are the swirls that I have drawn all my life on various scrap paper or while on the phone or in class. I have always had these around me, this just what automatically come out when I have a pen or marker. The one unique thing about this one is the fact that they are so bold and striking, the outlines make them pop out with the blue/green tones. It has a 70’s pop art feel to it almost, like it should be in an Austin Powers movie.

Side note: I finally organized all of my art supplies!!! Which feels amazing, this is a project that I have had on my ultimate to-do list for about 6 years. I am finally so happy that right now if you came to my house and asked for anything art related I could find it in a snap! I think that this is something that I was using as a crutch for a reason why I wasn’t creating as much art as I should be. This makes me smile that hopefully I can finally be free of this burden and just get down to business!!!




Quote Painting

Here is my newest addition to my art work family, quote paintings. I see these in all kinds of stores and they are really expensive, so I thought that I could just make my own. Why not? I always say that… Wandering around places with people and they are like, “I love that!” me, “I can make that…” Now I can finally say that I did.

This quote is from the book, Count me the stars, by Kylie Johnson. I have had this book for about a year and it is full of post-its marking pages of different quotes that I love. I knew that I would do something with them one day. This is my favorite though, I think it most represents me and my love of stars. I don’t really have too much depth to this one, other than it’s me. I hope you like it and if anyone has any suggestions on anymore quotes that I could use to do this, that would be great!