Coral Sculpture

Here are the photos of the final product. This project took such a long time. I actually made the wire structure about a year ago when I lived in the studio downtown. Then never really got the motivation to build the clay around it. When I finally decided to wrap the clay around it, I realized why I waited so long! I would say just the clay process alone took over 12+ hours. Than after showing some regulars they told me that it looked more like coral, than a tree. I did some research about coral and found the type, stag-horn coral. It’s a hard coral that grows throughout the Florida Keys, the Bahamas, and the Great Barrier Reef. It’s rated critical for extinction as well, which is horrible because it’s so pretty. I have to see thing in nature go extinct, its something that we as humans on this planet should be taking better care of. Anyways, back to the actual subject. While applying the clay, I forgot that some kinds of clay crack and the maintenance of that took some patch work but once I got those under control it was painting time. I primed it with a white based coat and then after hearing the input about it needing bumps on it if it was going to be coral I made up this odd mixture that worked really well. It was kind of hard to adhere in the beginning but I got the hang of it with my trusty paint brush. After I let that dry, time for the colors! I choose to use blues, these were the best combination of colors that I had at hand to make the light to dark effect that I wanted to achieve. I think that it turned out really amazing! I just keep looking over at it and I can’t believe that I made that!!!

I hope that everyone else who sees it loves it as much as I do, I realized today that no one has been over here to see any part of this process, they would have thought I was crazy anyways with how much work was put into this project. I do admit it got a little lengthy at times and I did get a little tired some nights, but now with the final product done, it’s amazing. I am really happy that I actaully carried out this idea and brought it to life. I am starting to get a little better at this, oh it must be age and the fact that I am starting to believe in myself a little more with each project, person who praises my work and fan on the Facebook page. I think the more and more positive feedback I get the more that I will continue to produce work that frees my soul and lets me express my inner thoughts and ideas through various mediums. I am thankful that I am not pigeonholed holed into one medium or one single talent, and that I am able to create many different things and  follow my heart and soul where ever it may wonder. ❤