St. Paul, Minnesota

I took this photo from Harriet Island on Sunday afternoon after the Grand Old Days parade. I was on the drive home from Mom and Dad’s house and thought… I don’t have a good photo of the city that raised me. I was literally downtown St. Paul everyday, being an only child and having two working parents I often would wander around the sky-ways, between both of their jobs. I did so so often that most of the local shop owners knew me and would look out for me. Now Dad works down at Harriet Island and I just love the view when I stop by to say hi. I know that a lot of people from the twin cities that think that each of the cities are far apart but coming from St. Paul and now living in Minneapolis, I think I couldn’t be luckier than to live where we have to major metro area so near, I guess that river side fear never got to me. So when I drive home from my many road trips, seeing this skyline means I’m home, at last.