My 1st Art Show

I recently had my 1st art show at the Fine Line Music Cafe in Downtown Minneapolis with RAW Artists. I brought most of my fine art paintings and one sculpture. I finished most of what I wanted to bring with me on time, the only thing missing was the photo work. I wanted to bring a photo album of some of my photography work but I didn’t make it on time to get those printed with some of the issues I encountered.

I had been worried about bringing some kind of “wall” but was told that it wouldn’t be necessary and I didn’t worry about it any longer, but when I got there and saw what some of the others had brought to display their work I was a little saddened. I wish that I had been a little more prepared as far as presentation goes. I think that would have made all the difference in the world. At least my dad came and he was on the job to look at the other displays so that we could create something that would be more visually appealing and with lighting.

Another thing that I learned is that I need to have price tags on the items for sale and prints for sale. I have been looking into this part and it will defiantly be apart of my next show.

But overall I think that this was a pretty good showing, if not for anything more than the experience and the show of my supporters. I have gotten many Facebook, texts, call, emails from people wondering how the show went and to let them know about upcoming shows. That helps me feel better about the decision that I am making to move towards being an artist. I know that it takes a lot of time and dedication and I am now ready to put this effort in. I am so happy by the amount of people that did actually make it to the show and got to sign my memory board. I think that these are going to be great keepsakes and hopefully someday will have a whole room’s worth of supporters signatures and notes and when i am facing a hard day I can look at them and remember all of the people who are supporting me and appreciate my art.


I just bought my hosting site today and hopefully in the not to far distance future I can purchase my website and than i will have a whole new look and be able to better market myself!! I hope all of this old posting transfer. but if not I will figure out a way to make that happen! 🙂


Up and Coming!

I just got accepted to this great organization for artist all over the USA, it’s called RAW:natural born artists.

This is their website:  <—— Check it out, it is so cool!!

This is my bio page on their website:  <—- SO COOL!

This is the link to BUY TICKETS!!!:   <—– I have 26 left to sell!!

The event is on May 10th @ 8pm at the Fine Line in Minneapolis, MN

I am beyond excited and so filled with love for this opportunity. I hope that everyone who like my work and just loves art and artistic people will come out and show some support for this event. I went to one before I was a member and it was so much fun, there were so many different kinds of art and artists that you are constantly being entertained. ❤