Up and Coming!

I just got accepted to this great organization for artist all over the USA, it’s called RAW:natural born artists.

This is their website:

http://www.rawartists.org/  <—— Check it out, it is so cool!!

This is my bio page on their website:

http://www.rawartists.org/alittlestarlette  <—- SO COOL!

This is the link to BUY TICKETS!!!:

http://www.rawartists.org/minneapolis/theblend   <—– I have 26 left to sell!!

The event is on May 10th @ 8pm at the Fine Line in Minneapolis, MN

I am beyond excited and so filled with love for this opportunity. I hope that everyone who like my work and just loves art and artistic people will come out and show some support for this event. I went to one before I was a member and it was so much fun, there were so many different kinds of art and artists that you are constantly being entertained. ❤


{stillwater lift bridge}

These are a couple of the photos that I took yesterday on my travel on the city for city pages. I have never been out to Stillwater, I guess I thought it was far or something, which it’s not. It’s really a very beautiful and quaint town. There is a lot of cute little shops and art things, kinda perfect for a weekend getaway. These are the best 3 photos that I took of the lift bridge, though it may be really pretty and serine in photos, I heard from the locals and it’s actually pretty dangerous and the state(s) (because apparently it will take both Minnesota and Wisconsin) to fix the bridge and it being one of the only way over the river for miles could cause major traffic upsets. Humm… who knew a little bridge could cause so much debate. Well I guess we all do remember the 35w incident and that was a mess and a tragedy.

But back to the photos!! a much happier thing to talk about. 🙂 I think I like the last one the best, the angle, the vintage touch, just everything. Also it was the very 1st one I took too, I love how that happens sometime. Lucky enough to get it right, right off the bat. The middle one has the colors that I like to surround myself in, my whole apartment colors can be taken from that photo. The top one is kinda a play on all of those insagram photos everyone has been taking on their phones. I has always liked the look and know that i can re-create that look by hand on Photoshop.

I hope you all like them and remember I can do prints you would like to own one of these beauties! ❤

Spring Flower Birthday Card

Here is a birthday card that I made the other night for my lovely boss and friend. I was thinking about how I still buy cards when I am perfectly capable of making them for no money at all but time and love. I think there is something more personal about making/receiving a handmade card. So this is my goal for the rest of the year, to make everyone a card who’s birthday I care about. I think with this little project progression we should get some pretty good ideas and then that whole selling thing should be easier. 🙂

Blue Swirl Painting


This is my most recent painting, I call it blue swirl.  Above show the two different views that I have gotten mixed reviews on. I don’t think I personally have a preference on which way you hang it, I guess it would depend on the space in which it was to be hung. Thoughts??

I usually like to write what I was feeling or thinking about when I paint the particular painting but I don’t have too many deep thoughts about this one. These are the swirls that I have drawn all my life on various scrap paper or while on the phone or in class. I have always had these around me, this just what automatically come out when I have a pen or marker. The one unique thing about this one is the fact that they are so bold and striking, the outlines make them pop out with the blue/green tones. It has a 70’s pop art feel to it almost, like it should be in an Austin Powers movie.

Side note: I finally organized all of my art supplies!!! Which feels amazing, this is a project that I have had on my ultimate to-do list for about 6 years. I am finally so happy that right now if you came to my house and asked for anything art related I could find it in a snap! I think that this is something that I was using as a crutch for a reason why I wasn’t creating as much art as I should be. This makes me smile that hopefully I can finally be free of this burden and just get down to business!!!




Quote Painting

Here is my newest addition to my art work family, quote paintings. I see these in all kinds of stores and they are really expensive, so I thought that I could just make my own. Why not? I always say that… Wandering around places with people and they are like, “I love that!” me, “I can make that…” Now I can finally say that I did.

This quote is from the book, Count me the stars, by Kylie Johnson. I have had this book for about a year and it is full of post-its marking pages of different quotes that I love. I knew that I would do something with them one day. This is my favorite though, I think it most represents me and my love of stars. I don’t really have too much depth to this one, other than it’s me. I hope you like it and if anyone has any suggestions on anymore quotes that I could use to do this, that would be great!





It’s been awhile

It has been a little bit since I wrote on here. I feel horrible about my lack of communication on my artistic journey. There were somethings that happened in my personal life that I let take over me for a little while, but now I am back on the horse and ready to create even more beautiful things again.

I did manage to create a couple of things during this time that I am proud of. The melted crayon heart is the representation of how I felt for the last couple of months. I am not completely out of the hole yet but at least now I have a shovel and a flashlight. I saw a lot of crayon art on the website pinterest, but they were just crayons glued to the canvas with the labels still on them and melted down to create a dripping look. I just pushed this generic idea and thought that this would be a good way to express all of the feelings that I had inside of my own heart.  I had been thinking a lot about how each relationship leaves a scar on your heart and the dark blotches are those scars. There is still red because of my belief that there is still love left within me but that there is pain and hurt as well. I think that this is a fare representation of me. I really like the end result and am in the process of making another one of a different emotional connection. If you know me, I bet you can guess this shape pretty easily.

The other item that I created was my inspiration word block. This ones story is kind of suggestive of all of the things that were about to happen. I don’t really have a good reason why I choose this word at the time, it just stood out to me. I’d been searching for a word to use for this project and I kept running across this one, must have been a sign. I really like how it turned out, I used a couple of different things to make this, like the flowers are all handmade by me and the letters were cut from my circut machine. I really like how it looks kinda vintage. I will also be creating more of these with different words and looks. This is something that I can create to be fully customizable to anyone or any room that they would want to put it in.


I am still working on other things too, new ideas and old ideas that were never executed. This years plan is to make things happen for me in the art world. I need to move on from the bar scene as my primary and make my life about what I love to do. I realize that i have been stuck in a hole, that is the service industry. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still love it and I love all of the people I know in it. I just need to not primarily rely on it anymore and I need to follow my passion. As scary as it may be, I just have to.

“If it were easy, it wouldn’t be worth it” Right?

just thinking…

As I sit here, thinking about what I should be doing with my life, I am at a crossroads.

I am currently under-employed and am trying to get my own art/craft/photography business off the ground. It’s such an under taking, most days I just want to hide under the covers and not come out. I know that these sort of things aren’t meant to be easy, but to find the motivation to do them isn’t easy either. I always blame other things in my life for taking president, when I need to start realizing that I am the most important thing and focus more on myself and what its going to make my own life better, I will be happier, cause in the end that is all that matters.

I know that I am meant to work in an artistic position, but sometime it feels like it’s so hard to break through everything and everyone and be let in. I just need to re-create the rules for my own world and as long as I am constantly working on it and different things to make the business bigger and more well known, it will pay off.

I know that I need to put more in to get more out. I need to follow this mantra, everyday. Maybe I should make an inspirational word block of that, ha!

I just needed to get this off my chest and maybe if I read it enough and start believing in my self more I can actaully start making things happen for me and my future as an artist. No let’s get to work, huh?!?

{My Boys}

Here are a couple of shots from two different photo shoots that I did recently. On the left is Brenton, we went to Lake Calhoun and wondered around, I love the lake and the shadow of the city in the background. On the right is Reece, I took him to the Stone Arch Bridge. I love the urban look that we got with his pictures. These two boys are pretty special to me and I am glad that they let me use them as my beginner models. ❤

I really am enjoying the whole photographer process, since for so many years I have been the one stuck behind the computer. It’s nice to get out into the world and behind the camera.

I hope that I can grow this little en devour of mine into something that I can be successful at and possibly make money too.  It would be the best life to be able to work for myself and be an amazing feeling to be able to do that for myself. This is something that every artistic person dreams about for their life. I just need to keep working at it, harder and harder, everyday and the possibilities are endless.