Current thoughts on life

I found this image yesterday and it really struck a cord with me. I think that it sums up all of the things that I need to remember and strive for each and everyday. I think that those are the keys to being happy and leading a life of love.

Now the goal is to think about this image and try to live accordingly. I have been in a transitional period of time since December when my world got shook up. It has been a time when I needed to really think about the direction my life was headed and decide if where it was headed I was ok with, which or course I wasn’t. I was headed in a direction to work in a bar for the rest of my life and that would just be a sin to waste this talents that I have been blessed with.

I needed to take this time and try and focus my energies into my art and photography. There of course was still things that I needed to learn and just get out there and try. You can’t fail or succeed if you don’t even try. I am finding some to be amazing adventures that are taking me to places and meeting people that I would have never met and also to a lot of hard work and frustration. I understand that following a dream like this is going to take a lot of work and constant marketing and putting myself out there. I just hope every night that it works and something just clicks at the right time.

Right now I think I just need to start producing as much work in all of my specialty area as possible. One of them is bound to get me somewhere and possibly even all of them. I know, think big right? I need to have my camera with me at all time, no excuses, you never know when you are going to come across an amazing moment that you were just lucky enough to have your camera with for. Also I need to start exploring “the list” This is something that I have been adding projects to for years, dating all the way back to college dorm life. The more you create and experiment the further you can take your imagination and it should show through to other area of my life as well as things that I have been doing for years may come into a new light. ❤

A poem

This poem is from the, Where I’m from” template made famous by George Ella Lyon.

Here is my version, it’s a little rough but that’s me.

I am from a big city that calls to the features of a small town, from old victorian houses with ample trees and fascinating views.

I am from the houses and yards filled with family and laughter filled with the essence of my heritage.

I am from lily of the valley and a lush garden tended by an amazing little woman.

I am from  home-made tortillas and loud boisterous voices, Isabell and Alzada — quick and witty, stubborn and caring, easily loved.

I am from the hopes of a grandmothers will for her baby boy to live and prayers of a mother that only wished for one little girl.

From lone adventures deep into the banks of snow and always knowing that I will be ok.

From home-made icing and the beater made for licking, this is prime photo time.

I am from a catholic atmosphere, with values were hidden away in the corner room, except on Wednesdays.

I’m from winter carnivals and cathedrals, with the ever changing seasons that are unplannable yet comforting at the same time.

From fast cars and chalking tires to shopping on the weekends, girls afternoon out.

I am from the combination of two cultures, mixed into one. A perfect storm of a girl who doesn’t make sense and yet does all at the same time.